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Get Ultra with Zack Ultra – @ZackUltra

Atlanta, Georgia | Zack Ultra 

Defining ultra

1 – Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines ULTRA as going beyond others or beyond due limit. 

2 – So he must apply this meaning to his way of life as long as he has life to breathe, going beyond everyone and above all limits; going beyond the beyond. 


 3 – One day in deep thought, looking at his surroundings, looking at his life, analyzing his situation of  unsatisfaction, and eating on day old grits in the middle of his trail and tribulations; he says “This is not me, this can’t be my life.” 



4 – He was already working hard, going above and beyond, but results did not show.  Tired  of the cliche  “different day same shit.” Dreams were not going to be fulfilled and goals were not going to be accomplished at this rate.



 5 – With a deep hunger to live and not just be  alive, to live and prosper, and enjoy success; he decided to take his life, the way he approaches life, his drive, his work ethic, his motivation, self-esteem, vision, motivation, appearance, heart, mind, body, and soul to another level.  


6 – Not just to be the best, or amazing, or outstanding , or ultimate, or mega; none of those standards are good enough.  



7 – He found that ULTRA is the highest standard, so this has to be his way of life, his approach to life, his weapon of choice in order to conquer all doubt, demons, and anyone and anything that gets in his way.  



8 – Not only his way of life, but his name and his brand and who he is and how he is defined.

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