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Meet Nathan Bowers – Swordz

JACKSONVILLE, FL |  Nathan Bowers 

Swordz—“sharp words”—is the name that Nathan Bowers’ fans know him by. The personification of one of his lyrics, “a product of pain and dedication”, is truly what Swordz has become. Swordz has garnered a following for his raw, gritty lyrics and high-energy shows. He has built a reputation as one of the best live performers on the underground circuit, with a lyrical intensity few have seen below the Mason Dixon Line.


Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida—Atlantic Beach to be exact—the path for Swordz has been everything but easy. With some troubles following the rapper’s breakout year in 2006, it appeared as if he was never going to maximize his full potential. His records “Weatherman” and “Dope Bwoy” caused many to place Swordz among the ranks of the Southeast’s biggest names as the songs were appearing on mixtapes throughout the South. Several publications featured Swordz as the next artist to strike it big, and with a backing at the time from DJ Bigga Rankin, the exposure only grew.

Take a listen to the interview below, and visit to learn more about Swordz.  



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